"The children are always excited on a Tuesday as it’s Doodle Dance day, and always intrigued to find out what’s in the box! Mark making in a non-threatening, engaging, creative environment is a positive start to early writing, and the children have been able to apply skills such as “Sharky fingers” to their mark-making in class and at home.

It has been incredibly useful to talk to professionals who are expert in early physical development, and to be able to use their advice in our own practice…

We have loved having Doodle Dance at school and we can really see the progress of the children across all areas of their development: in particular their listening and attention, their gross and fine motor skills, and of course their pencil control. Moreover, it has been an overwhelmingly fun and positive enhancement to our curriculum, which fits in perfectly with our school ethos of engaging children in active learning through play. We’ve been recommending it to everyone!” Southbourne Infant teachers

Dance, Movement and Arts to teach English, PSHE, Science, Geography, History a well as Dance. 


Bespoke one off workshops or weekly projects and residencies to cover multi curriculum or to be used as part of Book/Culture/Art/Healthy week.

Schemes of work written: Working alongside teachers to develop schemes of work.


Bespoke INSET delivery

I also run programmes below specialising in 'Mark Making' and in Literacy and cross curriculum. 

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Available for Primary and Preschool to deliver their Literacy and PE Curriculum.

Various programmes for Year R to Year 4

‘On Your Marks’ programme is a 10 week experience to engage, excite and inspire Reception aged children to make their mark on the world. The creative dance sessions develop fine and gross motor skills required for mark making and each session creates opportunity for doodling, writing and creating pattern.

'Get, Set Show us what you can do' is a bespoke programme designed around theme and topic. 

Delivered after YR R 'On Your Marks!' or as a stand alone programme for other year groups.

For Year R it covers letter formation and carries on with developing fine and gross motor skills, whilst supporting language and phonics/letter sounds. The programme will enhance topic  knowledge as well support learning skills such as partner and group work.

Foy Yr 1-4 sessions are designed to develop PE skills, Literacy of writing, vocabulary development and enhance topic learning.


'Child focused' sessions available for Nurseries, Preschools and Year R . The sessions use dance, movement, song, music, arts and play to support children's social emotional and physical development. Through sensory props, themes, repeated activities and in the moment planning children develop knowledge of the world and their selves.

Length of session and number of children can be adapted to meet the needs of space and staffing

I currently deliver Peek a Boo Moves as part of my role as Dance Artist in Residence at Warblington Nursery