Take Inspiration… fuel for us all

A four part blog series on inspiration

Blog 1:

My Surfer Dad (a big inspiration in my life)

Movement and Dance has always inspired me.

As a child I would notice the movement of the sea as my Dad rode his surfboard, the pattern the board made along the edge of a wave as the crest fell until I was staring at my feet.

I recognised everything as movement.

I remember learning to drive and noticing the connection between the small movements of my body and the bigger patterns this would enable me to create, as I carved my way through the countryside roads.

There was movement in everything I did, in everything I do, and in everything on Earth. A play between space, shape, people, direction, action, pattern, time… I cherish having this within me as it means I am often inspired by the things around me, both the ordinary and extraordinary.

Inspiration for many of us working in dance comes from the people we work with. Currently @peekaboomove and @doodledanceheadquarters I meet many wonderful children in their early years, embracing the joy of creative dance, arts and play.

Our participants show us how dance can encapsulate challenge, risk, creativity, self, community and more. I have been a Dance Artist for twenty years and it is the joy, confidence and change it brings to my participants that motivates me daily.

However, it is in more recent years since I have become a parent that I have started to feel a sense of losing energy. My body feels a little older, my life has become a juggle between motherhood, business and my artform. I am distracted and worried about the future of our world, my daughter’s world.

I started to feel the need to connect more with the ‘Dance Industry’ and with other artists. I need to feel embraced in the arms of others that are also inspired to action, those that want to celebrate as individuals within a connected world, leading dance for change and dance for wellbeing.

In recent years I have been fortunate to connect with a wide variety of amazing artists who share similar values to myself. However, my desire now is to gain a deeper insight into their practice, and that of others, exploring and sharing the breadth of inspirations they all draw from.

As part of this series I have invited some of these artists to share their own inspiration over the next month, bringing connection, new insight and ideas at the beginning of a new term.

The hope is that sharing inspiration will fuel us all. It will fuel me whilst I am waiting on the outcome of an Arts Council England Funding bid, fuel another who works whilst a child naps alongside them, give another energy and inspiration when their tank is empty….

We invite you to use the inspirations that have been shared and to share your own in the comments below, and if any other artists would like to add ideas to the ‘The Reflective Practitioners’ then please get in touch @ to discuss blog ideas.

As we carve our own pattern through life, watching the movement of others, we recognise that sometimes we might need to draw upon the strength and inspiration of others to ride the current wave we are on.

Next week Blog 2 of The Inspiration Series Claire Pring takes a breath...

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