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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Inspiration Blog Series: 2

Claire Pring

Probably like most people I find it hard to say where my ideas come from, they just come

What I can do is liken the process to breathing – particularly the ‘in’ breath, which is called inspiration.

To breathe in the first thing that needs to happen is the muscle at the base of the lungs, flattens & the muscles between the ribs contract causing them to lift & rise. All of this causes an increase in the size of the space in the chest – so air is drawn into the lungs to allow the oxygen to shift into the blood. This is a reflex action, we do it without thinking, it just happens – but when we think about it we probably breathe a little deeper & notice the changes that occur in our bodies.

So how does this link to teaching or creating dance?

Well, I feel that my job is similar to the muscles – to open up the space, to get the environment ready to receive new ideas – then we need to take in all that is around us, the stimulus, the people, the music, the location & we select from these & allow sufficient time for them to be absorbed into the body before we relax & allow the remaining aspects to be expelled (maybe to be breathed in again at another time, or maybe not).

So what are the key things?

That the air is fresh & healthy… judging when to breathe out… and knowing that this will continue to happen (so if you hit a phase where you feel stifled, or lacking in creativity that it will pass – or maybe you need to open a window & let some new air in).

Now, assuming that the air is clean, I would argue that one of the most important things is the ‘knowing when to breathe out’ bit… if we hold our breath too long or hyperventilate our body ceases to function well. I think there is a huge temptation to over stimulate & to move on to the next idea too quickly.

With that in mind I would recommend that everyone reads ‘Leisure’ by W. H. Davies. We need to let experiences ‘land’, to notice them, absorb them & allow them to have an impact.

So where do I get my inspiration from?

I take a deep breath, then I stand & stare…

Claire Pring


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Next week Louise Jaggard of Primary School Dance, JumpStart Dance inspires us with some useful links to some great music for dance!

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