I am a big believer in sharing. I am a big believer in putting ingredients of ideas into the pot for others to feed from or create their own cuisine. When we share we allow a part of our believe and passion to reach a wider audience. For dance to travel vast distances...

It was this week teaching a class on 'SPACE', zooming around a galaxy that I decide to share a lesson plan. I passionately want more children to access Doodle Dance, and I want to support more Artists to develop their own ideas.

Today I am off work, feeling stretched and emotionally drained however it is today that I take ideas from other Doodle Dance Associates (Sally and Faye) to support my delivery planning for next week... I am doing the Gingerbread Man and Sally did this before Christmas. Sally's ideas have fed me whilst I have little energy to go shopping!

So in turn I thought I would share my 'recipe' for space and I invite you to follow it, or to take a pinch of this and a cup of that and evolve it into your own supper!

Follow the link below to download Doodle Dance Space (this class was delivered to Yr1, but ideas could be use for early years and year R)!As_OKfHvDkfjlHdBtvhxtkJyf7Xz

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