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My full name is Joanne Louise Musty, born Joanne Cone, named by friends, family and colleagues as Jo, often named by Peek a Boo Movers or Doodle Dancers as JoJo.

When I got married I took my husbands name with no hesitation but knew I was to keep my name for work as my 'brand' was Jo Cone. In recent years I have become JoConeDance. For a while I have not been comfortable with this. Something has been pulling me, unsettling me with having my name as my 'business',

I am loyal to the community dance community. I have invested time and effort into supporting others, developing my skills, reflecting on practice so I can provide the best for those I deliver for. I truly believe in the power of community arts. But recently I have felt the strained. Pressured by feeling that I must have the answers.

More and more schools I visit have high expectations of my work, knowing I am experienced and come with a good reference. This however has placed at times an unrealistic set of circumstances. I am given groups once a week for half an hour or 45minutes and expected to be able to build relationship instantly, knowing how to engage each child, where they are at in their learning. At the start of bringing Doodle Dance to schools I sucked this up in endless reading, adaption, and putting long hours of research and planning for those small half hours.

This week however I had a 'rite of passage moment'. I am extremely lucky to have a mentor at the moment, Liz Clark. She is supporting my journey through a new phase in my career. My current Arts Council funded project 'Leading to a curious world' is enabling me to start the process of becoming a 'group'. A something. Our Shared Values weekend a few weeks ago brought the team together for the first time. Other meetings this week and my research is leading me to explore the possibility of becoming a social enterprise enabling me to seek wider funding to create the work I am curious about.

However this week I realised I no longer wanted to be JoConeDance. I am Jo Cone, but being JoConeDance pressures me in being the 'whole'. No longer do I want to have all the answers, no longer do I want to be solo. Now I want to be a team!!

I want to be a team of Artists! I want to be a team of creators! I want to be a team of teacher, child and me! I want to be a team of parent, child, me and/or another artist!

I do not want to have to have all the answers, but instead to ignite passion, and support, and enable others to find them... I want to gift starting points but cherish what comes from that for the Artist starting out, or the artist feeling in a rut, or the mum who feels lost of the creativity and skill and love for arts...for life. I want answers from others!

It no longer can be all in a name....the answers are not all in my name....I see other names....I look up and I see a team of artists Faye, Sally, Jo, Lucy....I reach out and I hear Liz, Louise, Claire..... Mums at groups are asking to help.....I am blessed with funding, supporters and partners and they are calling to other names so more join me and others follow.

I see dots...lots of spots and dots and all things round...joining together, starting and developing and coming back to build sustainability, to build connection, to build more opportunity for children, parents/carers/teachers and artists to 'Make their Mark!'

I see a new name, growing and slowly forming.

I see Doodle Dance.

And in it I see Jo Cone..... I see myself.... and I see....

myself smiling.....

What do you see? How does the name you give your business or art support your practice, support your needs? What answers are you seeking? Who can help?

If you want starting points for some of the answers keep connecting to the blog, or get in touch.

If you want starting points for creativity head over to my Facebook Page for free ideas (last time scarfs) this week using spots and dots and all things round..

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