Defending the child's right to play...

'Push your worksheet out of the door I want instead to play on the floor.

Miniature world leading the way, tiny person, giraffe, and a stone ready to play.

Turn taking, construction, changing of pace, running, and messy and mesmerised face.

Questions asked and answered in sand pit stare, mud on my face and paint in my hair.

Boxes upon boxes full of princess and prince,

stones and twigs making bolognaise mince.

Mum and mum look after baby today and Dad and the fireman are tackling the blaze... of the bundles of paper and dinosaur maze, of happy child playing days

So push your worksheet out of the door and before year 1 starts let’s me play some more... and before year 2 starts let me play some more...

And even into year 3 and 4....

and more

and more

and more

and more.'

Jo Cone

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