Connecting to your values...

One child is big, one child bends her body, one child explores mid level... all children are Making their Mark.

When I write this I want to underline the word their, highlight it in bold and enlarge it. As a dance artist I believe truly in supporting children in their individual expression, recognising that even in the group this maybe slightly different.

At these difficult times it has become a matter of life and death to follow the rules, and adhere to the enforcement of the government. we do tis to support all of us.

It is in these moments more so for everyone's well being we must find ways of expressing our inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. The balance between rules and keeping safe, and the individual voice we all have needs to be recognised.

Children are being sent work from their school teachers who are working hard to maintai their education, children are watching many art programs and active programmes that show them how to do something, draw a giraffe, step by step, or how to do a specific exersice which will keep them fit and healthy.

This is all important to support with a routine, to give us adults time off, and to maintain some sort of normality, as well as making the transition back (when ever that happens) to 'normal life'.

However this is a time also to recognise the importance of true play... children being left to explore, and not be adult led. It is the time to recognise the need in children to not copy but to let their bodies and emotions lead them in a dance, or an expression in writing, drawing, building. It is also a time to just be and not do everymoment.

When I decided to led my Doodle Dance and Peek a Boo Session I wanted to make sure the session were a true expression of my values, and my delivery. Without seeing the response of children I knew this was going to be difficult, but i knew that if i trusted in the ability of children to EXPLORE then I would be able to give them the opportunity for their creativity to be unleashed.

Friday came and butterflies flew in my tummy but as soon as Mums and Dads let me know they were there I started to imagine the kids faces smiling back at me. I imagined some kids being shy to me being on a screen, some laughing, some holding onto Mum, some sat, some standing, each uniquely there, just as I see them in my classes face to face. I knew not one child would repsond the same as another, and that was ok... I trusted in us being connected but each an individual....I connected to myself, my skills, my practice and my values.

We do not know how deep this river is, or how wide, but there is much we know. As Dance Artists we have a powerful tool of movement and dance and creativity to support our self through and others through this. Before you rush to feel you have to do, let yourself be. when you are ready let your values be your vessel. when needed drift, when needed lower your anchor and stop, taking in the view ad when your ready start again. And when we are all ready, together connected we will reach the other side.


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