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For those participating in Online Peek a Boo and Doodle Dance Class sessions as well as those using ideas from website or social media:


Disclaimer Statement:

By participating in the Online Peek a Boo Moves and Doodle Dance Class and using ideas from our website and social media you must take full responsibility for your child/ren and your own safety. All ideas aredone at your won risk.


You understand to participate in the session you are responsible for your own and child/ren health and must reduce or stop activity at any moment if you feel pain, or become unwell.

Make sure the space is clear of trip hazards and you have space to move safely

Wear appropriate clothing for movement, including bare feet or secure shoes. Socks are ok on carpet but not slippery floorings.

Join in in the way that is right for you and your family. Try and complete the session so you have calm down at the end but stop sooner if needed.

Have water and snacks at the end of sessions.                 


Feel free to use any ideas from the sessions within your own home at another time but adhere to safety precautions.

Enjoy, share and let me know how it goes, interact so I know you are there!!! xxx                                                 

Make Your Own Sock Poi:

  • Using two socks, take either tennis balls, soil, or sand, or old rice/couscous. Place equal amount (size of tennis balls) into freezer bag and tape and close.

  • Place bags into the ends of two long socks or cut the legs off old tights and tie the ends or use elastic bands.

  • In large space hold each sock in each hand and work first with simple circles to side of body, develop towards figure of eight in front of body, each hand taking it in turns.

  • There are lots of Poi demos on Youtube

Making a sock snake:

A fun and easy make with little ones!

  • Using one long sock, plain or stripey

  • Use googly eyes and attach with glue

  • Use material or paper to make a tongue. Simply a strip with a V shape cut out at the end

  • Decorate with pens or paint the body of the snake

  • Play with your snakes, create a jungle in your living room with cushions and blankets

  • Find a piece of music and creat a snake dance (Jungle book soundtrack would be idea!)


Whats Inside?

An easy game to play whilst having a cuppa!!

  • Ask your children to fill each sock with a different object

  • Take it in turns to feel, describing what you can feel and try and guess

Sock Hunt:

  • Separate the socks

  • Adult or one child hides one of each sock. Give the child the other socks and they have to find them and match them creating pairs