Data Protection Policy 2019                             

·      JoConeDance runs regular weekly classes of Peek a Boo Moves, Dance Explorers and Doodle Dance where information of participants will be requested.

·      All Information requested from participants will enable participants to be booked on to classes, to be contacted via email/mobile/messenger and other communication.

·      Information will be used to inform participants/parent/guardian of changes and cancellations.

·      Information will be used to secure payment of services provided by JoConeDance

·      Information will be used to contact next of kin in the event of an emergency. This may involve sharing of information with the emergency services.

·      Photo permission will be obtained via written or verbal consent and JoConeDance will not write names next to photos however JoConeDance can not control the comments of others commenting on such posts.

·      All data received will not be shared with outside organisations/individuals a part from that of ‘family services’ or the relevant authorities in the case of safeguarding incidents.

·      Registers will be paper or computer based and securely stored within a ‘hidden’ file in bag locked within home, or held on site with class leader. Or stored on my personal computer which is code locked.

·      Communication using messenger and Facebook will be done via Jo Cone only phone, Ipad and computer which are all code locked. These remain with Jo Cone or are secured in home.

·      When making Inquiry and communicating via messenger and Facebook customers do so under the guidance of messenger and Facebooks Data protection policy. JoConeDance can take no responsibility for the sharing of data by these parties.

·      Communication using these methods will remain within JoConeDance communication history. Conversations will only be deleted on request.

·      Paper based registers are destroyed after 3 years as they are used as evidence for tax accounting. They are shredded and sometimes composited.

·      JoConeDance will follow the Data protection policy of other organisations when delivering freelance contracts.