Artist Training and Recruitment...

With support from The Point we will be running some events and meet up sessions to share our vision and find the right dance artists for our delivery. we are creating a collective that enables professional growth and encourages collective support for dance artist, recognising the balance of artistry, delivery and the need to have support. We will be looking for artists who are interested in delivering that is creative, embeded with research and collaborative thought, ideas and comes from a culture of sharing and nurturing, recognising the well being of the artist.


We will be looking for artists who wish to use performance, interactive process to deliver creative dance in early years, and primary education settings with the interest in developing their practice into working with a wide range of young children settings, famailes and parent groups. We are hoping to further develop our outreach to work with children with SEND, within Military Family setting, museums, libraries and Children hospitals. Jo aspires to create live theatre and interactive approaches. Doodle Dance will focus its practice on the values of Reflective Practice and Professional development. We are working towards a funding/business model which aspires to always value the contributions of artists and that each project has an element of further artist development.

Events and recruitment procedures are in the stage of design and will be announced via our social media and local networks