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Connect - Explore - Learn

Dance to me is about the way it celebrates people as individuals.

Through Dance, Movement, Arts and Play I hope to connect people with this joy, knowing that they have a voice and a worth:

They can 'Make their Mark on the world!'

I create self esteem building experiences built on Ownership and Person Centred Practice. Projects, workshops and training will offer the opportunity of contribution, self reflection, peer teaching, and sometimes performing. I believe however the process is as important as the end product and at times more so. Through building self esteem and enhancing well being a person is more likely to be able to connect with a deeper learning and sense of achievement.

Working in education I aim to create active, engaging projects to meet the needs across the curriculum for both student and teacher. I passionately believe in passing on my knowledge and learning ways of improving my sessions through teacher feedback, evaluation, research and activities that enable individualism.

My ongoing mission is to find new ways of delivering 'desk based' subjects through activities that enhance both physical and mental wellbeing as well as giving children the opportunity to have 'play' within in their childhood for longer!

With 20 years experience I am now building more ways of sharing my practice so I can support other artists, teachers and organisations. Contributing to research, blogs, offering consultancy and training enables more participants to: